• 17 Nov

    Raise a glass to top winemaker

    Anna Pooley has been named Young Winemaker of the Year for her Heemskerk wines.

    TASMANIAN winemaker Anna Pooley has made a flying visit home to Hobart after being named Young Winemaker of the Year at a gala event in Sydney.

    Ms Pooley, 30, whose family operates Pooley Wines at Richmond, has been running Fosters’ Tasmanian label Heemskerk since 2006, along with a secondary line, Abel’s Tempest.

    Her award-winning wines that were recognised by The Wine Society on Friday were the 2008 Heemskerk Chardonnay, 2009 Abel’s Tempest Pinot Noir and the 2009 Abel’s Tempest Traminer.

    “It’s a new range for me, so it was a bit of a risk, as I haven’t really taken my Abel’s Tempest range out in public much yet so I haven’t really had any scrutiny at all,” Ms Pooley said.

    “It was a matter of deciding what I was confident with from my range of about nine or 10 wines, so I was looking for the three wines that best represent me as well as best representing Tasmania and my style of winemaking.”

    After completing a bachelor of agricultural science degree specialising in winemaking at the University of Tasmania, Ms Pooley started work at Wolf Blass in 2003 and has travelled extensively perfecting her craft.

    She grew up in the Coal River Valley in a winemaking family and although now based in South Australia, she is still passionate about using Tasmanian grapes in all her wines.

    “I work with growers all around Tasmania, they grow the fruit the way I need it to be grown and then I follow it all the way through to the bottle,” she said.

    “You’re only as good as the fruit you get from the vineyard, and I think the wines coming from Tassie are some of the best in the world.”

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